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07/10/2009 - Official launching of website

The website of the Judiciary of Malta was officially launched on Wednesday 7 October 2009 during a short presentation held in the Training Academy Room at the Courts of Justice in Valletta. Present for the occasion were the Minister for Justice and Home Affairs Dr Carmelo Mifsud Bonnici, the Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Communications (MITC) Dr Austin Gatt, Judges and Magistrates, the Director General (Courts Division), officials from the two ministries and from the Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA), representatives of Alert Communications and members of the press. The Chief Justice explained the aim and purpose of the site and of the various sections it contains, and thanked all those who had in some way or other contributed to the development of the idea of having such a website, those who helped in the development of the website itself, and those who had contributed material for inclusion in the site. The website was funded by MITC, while MITA managed the project in collaboration with the Judiciary and with Alert Communications, which developed and supplied the website. MITA’s Quality Assurance team also ensured that the website was in accordance with Government policies and standards.

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